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How Do You Prevent Colon Cancer?

How Do You Prevent Colon Cancer?

You can do things to limit your risk of developing colon cancer. There are ways to limit your risk.  Besides the genetics, there are other factors you can change.

One good thing is you have a space of time to discover any colon cancer.  It takes 10-15 years for polyps to grow. So have those regular screenings.

Being overweight is linked to disease. How can you lower weight? Eat more whole grains, fruit, and especially vegetables.   Limit processed meat and red meat.  Meat fat may be a factor in colon cancer.  Drinking alcohol increases the risk of colon cancer.

Eat more fiber; it can lower the risk of colon cancer.

Good news! When you are proactive against colon cancer, you are also proactive against heart disease.

Cancer is a terrible disease. These suggestions give you proactive steps against colon cancer.

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